We at 51FIFTY celebrate those who THROW CAUTION TO THE WIND and aren’t afraid to TAKE RISKS. We applaud those who PUSH THE LIMIT and DON’T BACK DOWN from any challenge. And we hold in high regard anyone “crazy” enough to CHASE THEIR DREAMS


What's In A Name?

51FIFTY was borne out of one man’s desire to chase his dream. It didn’t matter how many people told him how dangerous it was and that he shouldn’t take the risk. In fact, that only served to strengthen his resolve. He embraced this new identity and created the 51FIFTY logo which, to this day, stands to represent a person who never quits, meets all challenges head on, doesn’t let fear dictate their decisions, pushes the limit and is "crazy" enough to chase his or her dream.

We at 51FIFTY believe that everyone has the opportunity for greatness. Once a person decides that he or she does not want to live an ordinary life and does something about it, they become one of us. One can’t be afraid to stand out from the rest. We only reach the top by tuning out the naysayers and taking a chance. We call that “living the madness”.


Race for Autism

The "Race for Autism" is an autism awareness campaign. Since the beginning, a percentage of every can of 51FIFTY Energy Drink sold has gone toward the Carlos Vieira Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping families living with autism. To date, over $800 thousand has been donated.

51FIFTY also sponsors multiple fundraisers throughout the year put on by the Carlos Vieira Foundation. The monies collected benefits local families through the Direct Help Grant Program. To learn more about the "Race for Autism" or the Carlos Vieira Foundation, visit carlosvieirafoundation.org.