(Livingston, CA) Save Mart Supermarkets announced that it has reversed its decision to discontinue 51FIFTY Energy Drinks from their stores over the company’s name. Save Mart also communicated its pleasure with 51FIFTY’s support for a new campaign that aims to put an end to the stigma surrounding mental illness.

We are pleased with Save Mart’s decision and look forward to a long and productive renewed partnership. We recognize Save Mart as a community-oriented organization and we are excited for our fans who will continue be able to purchase their favorite energy drinks at all Save Mart locations.

Save Mart’s decision to continue carrying our products will also allow its customers to continue supporting the Carlos Vieira Foundation’s efforts to help families in need. Carlos Vieira is the CEO and founder of 51FIFTY. The company donates a portion of every sale to the Foundation. To date, the Carlos Vieira Foundation’s “Race for Autism” campaign has raised over $800,000 for families living with autism, setting the bar high for the recently launched “Race to End the Stigma” campaign.

By drawing awareness to this important issue and working with organizations within our communities that help those diagnosed with mental illness, the Race To End the Stigma campaign aims to keep the conversation going and put an end to the stigma surrounding mental illness. A benefit music festival, the “51FIFTY Music Fest” is already in the works and is slated for June 18th in Fresno.

Save Mart released the following statement:

“Save Mart was pleased to learn that the dialogue over 51FIFTY energy drinks has resulted in 51FIFTY’s commitment to support a significant campaign to increase understanding of mental illness. 51FIFTY’s support of the Carlos Vieira Foundation’s Race to End the Stigma will help our communities talk about mental illness and connect people with resources and support. For that reason, Save Mart will retain 51FIFTY products on our shelves. We appreciate the leadership role 51FIFTY is taking by making this commitment.”

Vieira responded, “I’m happy that a well-established company like Save Mart will continue to carry 51FIFTY Energy Drinks. By doing so, they will not only provide their customers with a great product but also support the efforts to help families in need of assistance in our community.”

Vieira continued, “We at 51FIFTY can’t thank our fans enough for the outpouring of support over the past few weeks. They are a testament to what 51FIFTY is really about, which is the relentless pursuit of one’s dreams and never giving up. Our customers remained loyal to 51FIFTY because they love our products and they are aware of our commitment to the community.”

About 51FIFTY:

Borne out of one person’s refusal to be ordinary, we are the energy drink for the person crazy enough to chase his or her dream. 51FIFTY Energy Drinks is a producer of high quality beverages containing an extraordinary blend of the Maca and Astragalus Roots which are known to increase energy, boost your immune system, strengthen vitality, and raise resistance to fatigue. Our energy drinks have the additional benefits of Ginseng, Taurine and Caffeine. Varieties include strawberry banana, grape, sugar free, berry (non-carbonated), fruit punch (non-carbonated) and an organic line. Visit 51fiftyenergydrink.com to for a complete list of locations that carry our products.

About the Carlos Vieira Foundation:

Since the beginning, a percentage of every can of 51FIFTY Energy Drink sold has gone toward the Carlos Vieira Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping families living with autism. To date, over 800,000 dollars has been raised. 51FIFTY also sponsors multiple fundraisers throughout the year put on by the Carlos Vieira Foundation. The monies collected benefits local families through the Direct Help Grant Program. Donations are also made to various worthwhile organizations such as Autism Speaks, F.E.A.T (Families for Effective Autism Treatment), and Valley Children’s Hospital. Most recently, the foundation has created the Race to End the Stigma to support families living with the effects of mental illness. To learn more about the Carlos Vieira Foundation, visit carlosvieirafoundation.org.