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Houston Sx Press Day Invite - 51 Fifty Enterprises

Houston Sx Press Day Invite


Livingston, CA (April 2, 2015) – 51FIFTY Energy Drink Yamaha cordially invites all Media members to NRG Stadium for Press Day in advance of the weekends Houston Supercross. 51FIFTY is a steadfast supporter for the Race for Autism and we are thankful that during ‘Autism Awareness Month’ the team is included in the Press Day activities.

Date/Time: Thursday, April 9, 2015 (12:00-2:00pm)
Where: NRG Stadium (Formerly Reliant Stadium)
Address: Reliant Parkway, Houston, TX. 77054
Owner: Carlos Vieira
Team Manager: Craig Monty
Rider: Austin Politelli – #981
Mechanic: Scott Stewart

Team Fast Facts – RACE FOR AUTISM:
51FIFTY Energy Drink is a small but growing energy drink company. Supercross, as the brands involvement in a myriad of sports, is a way to enhance the brand and earn exposure for the Race for Autism.
The Carlos Vieira Foundation (Team Owner) is heavily involved in the Race for Autism supporting local and national events.
51FIFTY brings the Autism Money Car (All-American Late Model Racecar) to Supercross. Fans can donate any amount of money and at the end of the SX season all the proceeds go the Race for Autism
A percentage of every can of 51FIFTY is donated to the Race for Autism
April is recognized as National Autism Awareness Month.
The #981 of Austin Politelli will run special Race for Autism bike graphics
Team Fast Facts – 51FIFTY Energy Drink Yamaha:
51FIFTY is backed by Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA
2015 is the teams 4th year racing the 250 West Supercross series
In 2014, 51FIFTY was the 250 West SX Top Privateer team
Austin Politelli (#981) is a former Canadian MX champion
We hope to see at Houston and welcome media inquires by email or phone if not in attendance.

We wish to thank our sponsors Yamaha, Allied Packaging, BDO, Carlos Vieira Racing, Costa Rica Unlimited, Cycra, CV4, Dunlop, DT1, Evans Cooling, Fresh & Easy, FMF, Galfer, GET, GYTR, Hinson Clutch Components, HJC, Magik Graphics, Motoseat, ODI, olloclip, O’Neal, Push Marketing Agency, Renegade Fuels, SDI, Sikk Shades, Supersprox, TM Designworks, Works Connection, Xuxa Socks, and Yamalube.