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Jake Canada’s 8th Masks True Speed - 51 Fifty Enterprises

Jake Canada’s 8th Masks True Speed



51FIFTY Energy Drink – Seattle SX Race Report

Jake Canada’s 8th Masks True Speed

Livingston, CA (April 15, 2014) – 51FIFTY Energy Drink rider Jake Canada raced to 8th in the 250 Main at the Seattle Supercross, his second-consecutive come from behind to 8th. With a 15-lap main event that lasted 21 minutes 30 seconds, Jake was solid for all but the first .3 seconds. The likable Sun City native turned in similar lap times to those on the podium but has struggled with his starts.

Jake Canada lined up for Heat Race #2 and was part of race that even long time SX fans would say was one of the wildest heats in recent memory. With bikes and bodies flying all over the technical track and block passing that Chicken and Bradshaw may call excessive, Jake methodically worked his way past the carnage. With smooth, consistent lap times, Canada earned a direct transfer to the 250 Main.

Lining up to the far inside for the 250 Main, Jake struggled out of the gate and into turn one; far behind the lead back. If the AMA awarded points for passing, Jake would be in the championship hunt as, for the second week in a row, he started his charge from virtually last. Passing riders through the difficult whoops, rhythm sections and rutted corners, Canada laid down fast lap times despite the traffic. As the laps wore down, Canada, urged on by mechanic Drew Hopkins, stayed aggressive. Passing a few more riders, Jake would end up in an identical finishing position as the week prior with a solid 8th place.

Those who have kept an eye on the Honda CRF250R-mounted rider know that Jake Canada is due for a break out race at the final round. He has the speed, endurance, a solid 51FIFTY team and supporting cast and would surprise none of his fans with a finish inside the top 5. Stay tuned to Fox Sports 1 for the upcoming round at Las Vegas on May 2nd and expect the #66 to finish up front.

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51FIFTY is a proud sponsor of ‘Race for Autism’ a fundraising campaign that raises money and awareness for Autism. A percentage of every can of 51FIFTY Energy Drink is donated to Race for Autism.