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0819829E-8705-4BDF-87F5-73A9378EB87D.jpgJanuary 15, 2017 - Livingston, Ca - The 51FIFTY Energy Drink Yamaha Team took on some super-sized Supercross action in the Lone Star State for round 2 of the 2018 season. When the dust settled, the #11 of Kyle Chisholm crossed the line in 9th place and the #63 of Hayden Mellross managed a 15th after a first turn pile up.

The boys in blue are on par with their practice times; the duo clocked the 13th and 14th fastest times of the day behind some of the strongest factory teams in the sport. Both the riders liked the track and were optimistic for the night to come.

The #63 of Hayden Mellross lined up for Heat 1 and came out of the first turn with the front group of riders. Hayden took advantage of other riders' mistakes and got up as far as 3rd place in the middle of the race. He would qualify to the Main with a 5th place finish in the heat race.

The ever-consistent Kyle Chisholm was on the line for Heat 2. The #11 got off to a great start in stacked heat just like his teammate and logged solid laps and crossed the line in 7th. For the second consecutive week, both riders transferred directly to the Main from their respective heats.

In the Main, both of the 51FIFTY Energy Drink Yamaha machines launched off the line, but Hayden Mellross was hit by another rider in the apex of the corner. While Chisholm snuck around the carnage, Mellross ended up on the ground in turn 1 and remounted in dead last.

Chisholm on the #11 solidified his place up front and worked his way through the pack as the laps wore on. Mellross' #63 was mangled after the first turn crash and was forced to make a pit some for some quick adjustments. The valiant Aussie had his work cut out but still managed to make solid passes and work his way into the top 15. At the line, it was Chisholm in 9th and Mellross in 15th.

"I'm glad I was able to better my results, from a 10th to a 9th this week," said Chisholm after the main. "I'm still adapting to the Yamaha and tonight with the deep ruts I was somewhat cautious and played it smart until I learned more how this bike reacts in those situations. I'll keep chipping away and know a Top 5 is around the corner."

"I felt good all night and was having a blast out there," mentioned Mellross. "I was up there during my heat race battling and felt that I really had something for those guys during the main. It's a bummer to go down early like that but I'm glad I was able to get back up and get after it. A 15th doesn't always look good on paper, but I feel good after the effort we put in this weekend."